Solar Fans

Solar Fans = Energy Efficient DC Fan + Solar PV Panel.

Low Power/Energy consuming Direct Current Fans are very Energy Efficient which give almost same comfort as Conventional AC fans.

  1. Direct Current Fans can run directly from solar Panel for day time use. 
  2. Using battery, you can run fans during evening/night when Solar Energy ( sun) is not available.
  3. If Solar energy is not sufficient, you can use SMPS to charge your batteries.
  4. It is also possible to run DC fans with A/C power directly using SMPS. ( if one wish to avoid battery).

DC fans are available in the range of 14 Watt to 30 Watt. Traditional AC Fans consume 80 - 100 Watt

Case Study:

Energy Saving

Replacing 80 Watt AC Fan with 30 Watt DC fan will 
Save 50 Watt per hour

Assuming: Unit Price @ Rs.5/KW and 800Gram/KWH of CO2 emission.
No. of Hours / day  CO2 Emissions per year Energy in watts hours per year Energy Bills saved per year

Saving for 5 hours 

73 KG

91.25 KWH


Saving for 10 hours

 146 KG

182.5 KWH


Saving for 15 hour 

219 KG

 273.5 KWH

 Saving for 20 hour 292 KG  365 KWH  
1. If you are running Fan for 10 hours, you save about 0.5KW per day , which is 15 KW per month per fan saving about Rs.1080/- per year.
 2. If you are running Fan for 20 hours, you save about 1KW per day, which is 30 KW per month per fan saving about Rs.2160/- per year for 360KWs of Energy Per FAN.
3. You can recover Fan cost in couple of hours depending on your Usage.
4. You can turn your house into green house using these DC fans when you run on Solar.