Energy Conservation steps : Courtesy IAEMP

Energy Conservation Steps. Let us save energy

  • Conserve energy and  Switch off Lights, Fans and other appliances when not required.  This will save the energy from wastage and reduce / save your power bills to great extent

  • Smart use-lower thermostat settings for refrigerators
  • Higher for A/Cs : 24 to 26 Deg Celcius 


  • Fans on lower speeds
  • Correct sizing and positioning of applicances and gadgets like task lighting
  • Remember to switch off fans, lights, mosquito mats etc when not in use.
  • Housekeeping measures - Cleaning of lights, fans, filters and coils of ACs
  • Using low level of illumination for areas like stair cases, puja room, area lighting.
Courtesy: Indian Association of Energy Management Professionals  ( email: