Solar Energy Solutions for Home

LOW COST SOLUTIONS Using Solar PV Solutions  for Home to make at Affordable prices!!!!

Renewable Solar Energy is bit expensive to run the normal AC Appliance. use Energy Efficient Appliances like LED lights & Energy Efficient fans. i.e., reduce the loads or energy consumption by using Energy Efficient appliance (AC or DC) and then Add Solar PV system. Thus Solar Energy Solutions can be affordable and Low Cost Solutions
using Solar energy  are possible without sacrificing the comforts.
Solar Energy DC Solutions for Home at Low cost: We offer you following Low Cost Solutions. 

Solution 1- Using Solar with DC Appliances:

Solar Power/energy from Panels is DC power and is stored in Battery as DC too. If you have DC Appliances as well, over all solution/system is very efficient as the loses are minimum.

Low Cost Solar Energy Home Solutions

Solar DC Solutions** with 2 DC LED Lights and 2 DC Fans can be run with just  100 Wp( Watt peak) or 125Wp Solar PV Panel for 5 hours.
  • LED Tube Lights: 18 watt / 6 watt - 2 Nos. 
  • DC *Wall Mounted Fans: 22 watt - 2 Nos.
  • Solar PV Panel - 100/125 watt 
  • Battery - 100 AH Tubular Lead acid .
*Warranty terms & condition from Manufacturer  
**Custom / tailor made solutions can be offered as per your requirement
*** Please check for the latest price as the price is varying. Given prices are only indicative.  

Solution 2 - Solar to your exisiting inverter:
If you already have Inverter and Battery, we offer you a solutions to Add Solar charging to charge the exisiting batteries. This way, you can reuse your exisiting battery/inverter. Thus you can reduce over all cost and invest only for solar panels & controller. 
  •  This system will reduce your power bills as batteries are charged during day time                 without  depending on Power from Electricity Board
  • If there is no power, there is no way one can charge batteries and inverter uses AC power from mains.
Solution 3 - Use Energy Efficient Appliances:
If you wish to only change only Energy efficient Lights, we offer you 6 or 18 watt LED tube lights. Energy Efficient AC fans are available in market if you want to get one. 
Energy Conservation : Before deciding to use Solar Electricity, one has to optimise the energy usage and take Energy Conservation steps.  

      • Electronic regulators for fans
      • T5 Tubelights
      • Energy Efficient Fans of 50 watts
      • Star Rated appliances certified by BEE
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