Ecospace Green Energy Solutions


Green Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Eco-space was founded by a group of like-minded professionals from diverse background with a view to bring environmental friendly sustainable green & clean solutions to India - Domestic, Institutions and industry with special focus on Solar Energy Solutions

We are supported by leading and highly experienced manufactures, Solar Consultants & Solar specialist from all over India & world.


  • To be a one stop shop for all Green Technology needs for large Corporate and Residential projects

  • Blend all the reliable energy solutions from diverse manufacturers into a seamless solution for our clients

  • Be a partner with our clients in their green journey for all their energy needs

  • Be a major contributor to the planet’s sustainable energy based growth


  • To promote only green solutions that will benefit our clients and the planet - Our Mother Earth

  • To be able to assure at least 50 – 60% energy bill savings to clients in long run over conventional energy expenses

  • To educate and promote use of green energy by all for the betterment of the planet