What are the components of solar photovoltaic system?

Components of typical Solar PV System :

  1. Solar Photovoltaic panels

  2. Solar Inverter

  3. Structure

  4. Solar Cables for Interconnecting between panels, Junction boxes, inverters and loads

  5. Structure for mounting solar panels.

  6. Other electrical components - like ACDB, DCDB, Lightening arrester etc.

How solar works?

Sun light (and not heat) falling on the solar panels is converted to electrical energy with help of Solar Inverter. This energy is either stored or used directly to the loads connected to inverter.

Type of Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters can be:

  1. Grid-tie Inverter or On Grid inverter.

  2. Off-Grid Inverter

  3. Hybrid inverters

Solar Grid-tied / On-grid inverter

Is connected Grid / Utility and to Loads. DC power is converted into AC power and will synchronization with Grid. There are no batteries in this system.

Solar Off-grid Inverter

Is connected to battery. Battery bank is charged from Solar or from Grid supply. It works like normal inverters , but has charging input from both gird supply and also solar panels but primarily charge batteries from Solar Power during day time.

Battery back up can be designed as per the requirement and it can be customized as per customer needs.


Hybrid inverter is a grid-tied inverter and is also connected to battery bank. That is why it is called Hybrid. Hybrid Inverter also synchronize with grid similar. Hybrid inverters are expensive.

When to use grid-tied inverter?

If energy bills are high, grid-tie is best option.

How to get solar grid-tied system?

You need to apply for Feasibility study with State Electricity company. If they will survey and if solar power is feasible, they will issue the feasibility. Only after their approval you can plan and install the project.

How to get Solar Rooftop power?

Once feasibility is received, you need to

  1. Apply for Net meter

  2. Contact us for Solar Plant requirement on your roof top. You can also contact any solar company.

What is net meter?

Net meter is bi-directional meter.

It records both energy consumed and also the energy exported to the grid.

What capacity /size Solar PV system is required?

  1. Capacity depends on the Annual Monthly consumption

  2. You can't have more than the contract load